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Getting Started: Contact Record Management

The contact record management systems in Member365 are central to almost all of its functions. Continue reading for an outline of some of the core techniques and features you’ll use in the course of maintaining your contacts.

First Steps

To begin adding contacts to the system, consult our Knowledge Base guide on adding a contact:

Adding a Contact To Member365

Adding Organizations

You can add organizations to your system and assign users to those organizations; doing so makes it easier to sort your users in several other parts of Member365.

How To Add An Organization To Member365

Importing Contacts

If you’re importing contacts from another source, we have tools to make that easy:

How to Import Non-Members into Your Contact List

Managing Contacts

After adding contacts, you may wish to enroll users in memberships, set other administrators, or build lists of those contacts. The tasks listed below are just a few things you can do in Member365.

Enrolling Members

Now that you’ve added some contacts, you’ll want to update their profiles to reflect any membership they hold within your organization:

How To Manually Create a New Member

Setting Administrators

If you’re not the only administrator in your organization, here’s how you can provide those privileges to others:

Adding an Administrator to Member365

Building Lists

Building contact lists is useful for controlling access to site features, including online courses, and is also a great way to optimize your email campaigns:

How to Use the List Builder

Always be sure that your communication is in line with anti-spam legislation: follow this guide to learn how to track who has opted in and opted out of being contacted.

How to Manage Email Consent Settings



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