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Membership Categories: The Fees Tab

The Fees Tab allows you to control, configure, and edit how Membership Dues are charged for a given Membership Category.

Image showing the Fees tab of a sample Membership Category.

Fee Structure

The first option when configuring your Membership Category’s Fees tab is the Format. This relates to your Fee Structure, and impacts how Membership Dues are charged to your applicants.

Image showing the Fee Format options when editing the 'Fees' tab. We see Flat Fee, Fee Categories, Administrator Provided, and Fee Calculator.

What does each option do?

Flat Fee – This option is the most straightforward. Charge the same base Application Fee and the same base Renewal Fee for all Members.

Fee Categories – This option allows you applicants to choose which ‘Fee Category’ they belong to, based on a criteria or a question. Members in different Fee Categories can be charged different amounts. Continue reading here to learn more.

Administrator Provided – This option allows you as an administrator to choose and customize how much each applicant is charged on a case-by-case basis. This option only works if you Pre-Approve Membership Applications.

Fee Calculator – This option allows you to pose questions to your applicants, and charge them different amounts based on their answers to those questions. Continue reading here to learn how to configure a Fee Calculator.

Depending on which Fee Structure you select, there may be additional configuration options. Consult this Knowledge Base article for the additional Fee Category configuration options, and consult this Knowledge Base article for the additional Fee Calculator configuration options.

Application Fees and Renewal Fees

Enter your desired dollar amount for the Application Fee, and for the Renewal Fee of this Membership Category!

Image showing the fields for the 'Application Fee' and the 'Renewal Fee' on a sample Membership Category.

The values you enter into these fields will serve as the base for how much your Members are charged when they apply, and how much they are charged when they renew.

Use the Sub-Ledger drop-down menu to choose where Membership Invoices for this Category are recorded for your Accounting and Financial Reports.

The use of Fee Categories or a Fee Calculator requires a more in depth setup, we recommend consulting their respective Knowledge Base articles if you choose to implement either one.

Prorated Fees

If your Membership Category is an Annual Membership, then you can configure Prorated Membership Fees. If you would like to set up your Membership Fees to be prorated, turn on the toggle then choose how the Fees should be prorated as necessary.

Image showing that the Prorated toggle is ON.

If you are not working with an Annual Membership Category, or if you do not wish to have Prorated Fees, then simply leave this toggle OFF. 

Late Renewal Fee

If you would like to charge a Late Fee on your Membership Renewals for this Category, select ‘Yes’ beside ‘Late Renewal Fee.’ If you do not wish to charge a Late Fee, select ‘No’.

Image showing a sample Membership Fees tab, with 'Yes' selected for Late Membership Fee, and the corresponding options.

Upon choosing ‘Yes’, you will then need to configure the Late Renewal Fee settings.

Late Fee Settings

Late Fee – The dollar amount of the Late Fee that will be charged on late renewals.

Sub-Ledger – The Sub-Ledger account that Late Fee transactions will be reported to, simply for your accounting and reporting purposes.

# Days after renewal date – After this many days past the initial renewal date, Members who renew will be charged the Late Renewal Fee in addition to the base renewal fee.

Payment Methods

Choose which types of payment you will accept for Applications and Renewals to this Membership Category. You can choose Cash, Cheque, or Credit Card. If there is a Payment Method you do not wish to allow, don’t check off its box.

Please ensure before accepting credit card payments that your payment gateway has been properly implemented and tested.

Image showing the payment methods Cheque, Credit Card, and Cash all checked off.

Additional Credit Card Options

If you choose to accept Credit Card as a Payment Method, an additional set of options will appear.

Configure the processing of Credit Cards for this Membership Category in the way that works best for you.


Limit credit-card purchase amounts – Do you wish to specify a maximum amount for credit card purchases?

Payment Gateway – Specify the Payment Gateway use for your Credit Card transactions. By default, this field will be auto-filled with your site’s default Payment Gateway.

Tax Settings

Lastly, we will configure how the tax is handled on the Application and Renewal Invoices for this Membership Category. You have the option to specify tax settings for both the United States and Canada.

Image showing the Tax Settings section when editing the Fees tab in a Membership Category.

Tax Settings

Off – Do not charge tax on this Category’s Membership Dues.

Member Location – Automatically charge tax based where the member lives, so that the tax is in line with their province or state.

Default – Charge the default tax you’ve set in your Member365 financial settings. All Members applying and renewing will be charged the same tax – set by your organization – regardless of their individual location.

Always remember to click ‘Publish’ at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Congratulations, you have learned how to use the ‘Fees’ tab when configuring Membership Categories in Member365!

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