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What to consider before using ARB for Memberships

Automated Recurring Billing allows you to charge Members automatically for their renewal fees at the end of each term!

Before enabling ARB for your Membership Category, there are some things to consider.

You Cannot Disable ARB

Once you allow ARB for your Membership Renewals, you cannot later remove that option for Members of the Category:

The Allow ARB toggle is fixed once it has been turned on, to safeguard against payment issues with members who are currently opted in.

If you need to disable ARB for your Members who are opted in, you must do so manually and individually.

Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how to cancel someone’s ARB payments!

Always think carefully before turning ARB on for a Membership Category!

Members in ARB cannot submit Membership Renewal Forms

If you have a Membership Application Form tied to your Membership Category, be aware of the nature of Automated Recurring Billing. ARB will renew Members automatically: their Credit Cards will be charged, and they will not even need to log in or submit a Membership Renewal.

In fact

Members enrolled in ARB cannot submit Membership Renwals, since they are charged and renewed automatically.

Do not create a Renewal Form for Membership Categories that use ARB: those Members will never be prompted to fill out the Renewal Form, and in fact they won’t have any way to submit one at all unless they opted out of ARB and renewed manually.

Members in ARB must opt out to remove their Payment Profile from the system

Member365 does not store Credit Card information. We do, however, save a Payment Profile for Members in ARB that links to the Payment Gateway and allows their charge to go through each term.

The Payment Profile does not actually contain any Credit Card information; no sensitive details are stored on our system or accessible to those using it.

With that said, Members can still change their Credit Card information if they wish, and their Payment Profile will update accordingly. If a Member changes their Credit Card information, their Payment Profile will update, and their ARB charges will still go through.

The only way to remove a Member’s Payment Profile is to opt them out of ARB completely

Be Careful Changing your Payment Gateway

Payment Profiles are tied to the Payment Gateway they were created with. There is no way to move an existing Payment Profile to another Payment Gateway.


Even if you switch your Payment Gateway in Member365, the ARB Payment Profiles will stay linked to the old Payment Gateway with which they were created.

The Payment Profiles will still try to charge each term. If you disable the Payment Gateway that is linked to these Payment Profiles completely, you will encounter several failed Credit Card transactions!

If you decide to change the Payment Gateway you use in Member365, opt all of your Contacts out of ARB first. We strongly recommend contacting our Support Team to help you with that task!

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