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What Is the Member Portal?

The Member Portal is a central part of the Member365 user experience: it is a public-facing site that allows your members to access all of the content you create through the Administrator Dashboard. The Member Portal is how your members will engage with your organization, so understanding it is critical to using Member365.

Everything They Need, In One Place

All of the modules in Member365 feed into the Member Portal one way or another: it’s where users access directories, review and renew memberships, enroll in and take LMS courses, and much more. If it’s not in their inbox, it’s probably in the Member Portal!

A Comprehensive Homepage

Upon accessing the Member Portal front page, users are greeted with a welcome message of your choice, as well as reminders about events, updates on their inquiries, notices about pending invoices, and buttons that link them to every other module.

Track Your Members’ Engagement

All of the activity carried out in the Member Portal is factored into our powerful analytics system, which will let you see who’s active and who’s not, and where your users are spending their time. The more they use the Member Portal, the more you’ll know about how to cater to their needs.

Getting Started

Your Member Portal is already active if you’re a Member365 user, but you still have plenty of options in configuring it and making use of it. To begin, see our Getting Started guide!


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