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What Are Workspaces?

The Workspace feature is a part of the Member Portal that allows users to work and communicate together in their own specialized spaces.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a contact does not have member portal access they will not be able to access the workspace.

Provide a Place to Collaborate

Workspaces are shared spaces where members and contacts can engage in discussions and share files. From task forces to smaller committees, Workspaces allow your members to work together without leaving the Member365 interface.

Set It Up Your Way

You can choose whether or not to enable discussions and the file library for each workspace. You can also choose who gets to access or interact with each feature, on either a per-user basis or by setting permissions for a whole group!

How to use Workspaces?

Here are three use cases to help you understand how to utilize workspaces to engage with your membership.

Case 1 – Membership Categories:

Many associations have different membership categories for example Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  To provide added value for the higher membership categories you may want to provide additional resources/content that only a specific membership category can access.  Within the member portal, you can grant access to a workspace for only your gold membership category so that you can upload documents into that workspace specifically for them.

Case 2 – Events:

Event workspaces allow you to provide a location for registrants to ask questions or connect with others before, during, and after the event.  For example, for your annual conference, you may want to:

  • Be able to provide additional information and support to your registrants to help with hotels and travel information before the event,
  • During the event you want to be able to post updates about workspaces or things going on that day, and
  • Finally you may want to post the slides from the speakers at your event for only the people that registered for the event.

In the workspace you can have different discussions for each.  One for travel information, one for speaker questions, and you also can upload documents to provide additional resources.

Case 3 – Lists:

Allow your member to sign up for different workspaces by answering questions on the membership application and renewal form.  Think about the different workspaces you want to offer such as Volunteer, Event Planning, Gardening Club, Book Club, and more.  Then add the question “What groups or committees would you like to join?” to the membership application and renewal form. Once the question is created, create a list for each answered response so that when a member selects one of the options they will be added the list automatically.  Finally, create your workspaces for each group or committee you are offering.  For your Access Assignments select the ‘By List’ and select the correct list to automatically grant the individuals on that list access.

Track Engagement

By encouraging your members to use Workspaces, their discussions come under the umbrella of Member365’s powerful engagement analytics.

Getting Started

To get started using Workspaces, contact Support to enable this feature. If you have already enabled it, skip ahead to our Getting Started guide!

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