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What are Employee Accounts?

Every Group Membership in Member365 has a Primary Contact. An Organization’s Primary Contact is the sole member responsible for email correspondence, renewals, and payment on behalf of the group. Nobody else in a Group Membership will ever need to worry about those logistics, unless the Primary Contact is changed.

So what is an Employee Account?

Employee Accounts comprise the rest of the group. Every Contact who is part of the Group Membership is specified as an ‘Employee Account’ on that membership, except for the Primary Contact.

Never enroll more than one member into a Group Membership category. Populating a Group Membership in any way other than creating Employee Accounts is incorrect. All but one member must be an Employee Account, or you will encounter errors in reporting and renewals.

The ‘Membership Subscription/Summary’ on a Group Member’s Contact Record will indicate whether or not the Contact has been added to the Group Membership.

Image of a Contact Record showing the 'Membership/Subscription Summary', and where the 'Employee Account' specification would be.

One person is responsible for managing the Group Membership. Every other member in the group must be added as an Employee Account.

How do I add an Employee Account?

Consult this Knowledge Base Article to add Employee Accounts to a Group Membership as an Administrator.

Primary Contacts can also add Employee Accounts themselves from their Member365 Dashboard, as you can see in the link above.

How do I remove an Employee Account?

When you wish to remove a Contact from a Group Membership, you need to delete their Employee Account associated to that membership. For more information, consult this Knowledge Base article.

Employee Accounts are members of a Group Membership who have been added under its Primary Contact.

An Organization’s Related Contacts list is simply a list of contacts whose ‘Organization Name’ field matches the Organization. By that definition, any type of member can be a Related Contact, even Non-Members.

For more information, consult this Knowledge Base article.

Congratulations, you have learned about Employee Accounts!


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