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Membership Category: Communication

Before getting started, remember that your changes will not save unless you click the ‘Publish’ button at the bottom of the screen. Consult the ‘Confirm your Changes’ sub-header for a screenshot of that button.

The Membership Category Communication tab allows you to control the content automatically sent to members of a given category when engaging with Member365. Edit messages and automated scheduling as needed with the options below.

Accessing the Communication Tab

The Communication Tab can be seen when creating a new Membership Category. Alternatively, you can access the Communication Tab at any time by following the steps below.

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Membership’ at the top of the screen.

2. On the page that follows, click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Membership Categories’.

Image showing the 'Manage' button next to 'Membership Categories',

3. Locate the Membership Category you wish to view, using the search bar if necessary, then click its name.

Image showing an example of using the search bar to locate a Membership Category, and indicating that you can click its name to edit its settings.

4. Click the ‘Communication’ tab to access the communication settings for your Membership Category.

Image showing the Communication Tab when editing a Membership Category.

‘Communication’ is the fourth tab in the above screenshot. Depending on your Membership Category’s existing configuration and settings, the tabs may have different numbers.

Regardless of its number, click the tab labeled ‘Communication’ to access the communication settings for your Membership Category.

Editing Messaging

Under the ‘Communications tab’, you’ll find a set of sub-tabs. The ‘Application’, ‘Renewal’, and ‘Launch Email’ tabs will bring you to menus allowing you to select and edit automated emails under these categories.

Do so by selecting the email you would like to edit, and adjusting it’s content in the resulting dialogue.

Renewal Reminders

Member365 automatically schedules renewal reminders for Members of every category you create. Editing these reminders and their scheduling is a great way to optimize Member365’s impact on your renewal rates. Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn more about renewal reminders.

Confirm your Changes

Regardless of the changes you make under this Communication tab, they will not save unless you publish them. Be sure to click the ‘Publish’ button at the bottom of the screen to confirm everything you have configured!

Image indicating the 'Publish' button at the bottom of the Communication Tab for a Membership Category setup.


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