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Membership Categories: The Overview Tab

The Membership Category ‘Overview’ tab shows top-level details relating to your membership category. You’ll find an explanation of each option under the picture below:

Category Name

This field allows you to name and re-name your membership category as needed.

Apply Description

This is a public-facing description of your Membership category. Here, you’ll want to describe the privileges specific to this Membership Category that distinguishes it from the others.

This button offers you the ability to upload a logo, emblem, or symbol for your Membership Category. Common examples include bronze, silver, and gold medals. Supporting most common image formats, you are free to upload any image you’d like – or non at all!


This field is where you specify the term type of your Membership Category:

  • Anniversary Date

    This option will require members to renew their membership on an annual basis, from the date of their last renewal or their membership inception.

  • Annual

    Annual term types require you to specify a renewal date that all members of this category will have to renew on. Most often, we see organizations choosing January 1st as a renewal date, but Member365 supports any day of the year you’d like.

  • Term

    Choosing ‘Term’ will allow you to specify any number of months you would like to offer membership for members in this category. (From 1 month to 120)

  • Lifetime

    The Lifetime term option provides permanent membership to members of a category with this option selected.


The ‘Ownership’ field allows you to specify whether this membership category is meant for individuals or organizations. Organization accounts are typically for Member Businesses that require more than one individual to log into a membership account.

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