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Membership Categories: Renewals

The Renewals tab in the Membership Category configuration menu allows you to configure the renewal process for the membership category you have selected or are creating.

You can find a brief description of each of the options it lists below:

Renewal Description

This text field allows you to control the content displayed to members describing the renewal process for this membership category. Consider describing things like your fees, accepted payment types, grace period policies, etc.

Grace Period

If you would like to offer Members a grace period to still enjoy their membership after it has officially lapsed, this field will allow you to designate the number of days grace you would like to offer your members.

Allow Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)

If you have enabled Credit as an accepted payment method for application/renewal, you’ll see the option to enable ARB. Doing so will allow Member365 to automatically charge a members credit card for renewal fees, ensuring consistent membership status.

Enforce Automated Recurring Billing

Enabling this setting will require members of a membership category to consent to automated recurring billing for their renewal fees.

Anniversary Renewal Date Occurence

This setting will allow you to decide if you would like Member365 to update a Members membership anniversary date.

Inception Date

This setting will keep a members anniversary date the same as the date were first granted membership in a given category.

Last Renewal Date

If a membership lapses for a period before being renewed, or is renewed before a members anniversary date, this setting will tell Member365 to change a members anniversary date to the date that they most recently renewed.

Missed Renewal Fee’s

When this toggle is on the members will have to pay for all outstanding fees from previous years to renew their membership. The member will be charged the current renewal fee multiplied by the number of years they have not renewed.

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