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How to Switch Automated Billing Settings Between Monthly and Yearly

This article will guide you through changing a user’s automated billing settings between monthly or yearly billing, for the purpose of membership renewal. First, you must select the membership category that will be subject to renewal and enable automated recurring billing for that category, and then you will impersonate the member and toggle the setting. If you wish to provide instructions to members on how to make the switch themselves, they can be given the procedure starting at step 8.

Enabling Automated Billing

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Membership‘.

3. Next to ‘Membership Categories’, click ‘Manage‘.

4. Find the membership category in question, either by typing its name into the search bar or by locating it in the list, and click its name or the pen-and-paper icon to the left of its name.

5. Click the ‘Renewals‘ tab, click the left half of the ‘Allow Automated Recurring Billing’ toggle so that the switch is green, then click ‘Publish‘ at the bottom of the page.


Impersonating a Member

6. Click the ‘Search Contacts‘ bar and enter the name of the contact to whom you would like to assign an event registration. Click their name once it appears.

7. On their contact profile, click the ‘Impersonate‘ button on the left-hand side; click ‘Continue‘ in the prompt that appears.

Toggling Billing Frequency

8. In the Member Portal, click ‘My Account‘ on the top bar and then click ‘Membership‘.

9. Find the membership for which you wish to change the setting. You will see either ‘Subscribe to Automated Recurring Billing‘ if the current payment method is monthly billing, or ‘Change this setting‘ if the current payment method is yearly billing. Click this link and click ‘Confirm‘ in the dialogue that appears to toggle this setting.

Monthly billing is currently enabled here:

Yearly billing is currently enabled here:

Congratulations, you have toggled this membership’s billing frequency!


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