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How to Register a Non-Member to an Event

This article will guide you through registering a non-member to an event.

Important Note #1

in order to register non-members into events, the event configuration must be setup to allow for this scenario.  The first part of this article deals with modifying the event configuration to allow for this, if it hasn’t been already turned on.

Important Note #2

The only way to register a non-member into an event is to step through the registration process on their behalf.  If you already have the link to the event registration, you can skip this article and simply proceed to the link and complete the registration.

Important Note #3

This registration method will not provide an opportunity to pay for the ticket. You must create a ticket type that is accessible to non-members and which costs $0; if you wish to charge for this ticket, you must create an invoice outside of this process.

Enable or Confirm Non-Member Registration

1. Log into your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Events‘.

3. Next to “Event Management”, click ‘Manage‘.

4. Find the event by typing its name into the search bar or finding it in the list, and then click its name or the pencil icon next to it.

5. Click the ‘Registration‘ tab.

6. Click the left half of the toggle button labelled ‘Registration open to non-members?’, which will turn it green if it is not green already.

7. If you don’t know where the link to register exists, take the time now to scroll down to the section labelled ‘Public Link’, and copy the contents of the ‘Public Registration Link’ text field, then click ‘Publish‘ in the lower-left corner.

Registering for the Event

8. Log out of your Member365 Administrator account by clicking your name in the upper-right corner and then clicking ‘Logout’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

Important Note

You must logout as administrator to continue.  If you simply paste the registration link from above without logging in, the system will think you are trying to register yourself and you will not be able to complete the non-member registration..

9. Paste the public registration link into your browser.

10. Click ‘Register Now‘.

11. Enter the non-member’s email address in the ‘Email’ text field, then click ‘Continue‘.

12. In the next screen, enter the non-member’s contact information — ‘Salutation’, ‘Job Title’, ‘Organization’, and ‘Ext’ are optional, but the remainder is mandatory. Then click ‘Next‘.

13. Enter the quantity of each ticket type to be assigned to this registrant, then click ‘Continue to Step 2‘.

14. If you would like to assign this ticket, click ‘Assign Ticket‘; you may also click ‘Add Ticket‘ to add more tickets from this screen.

‘Assign Ticket’ will produce the following pop-up; fill in the four indicated fields at minimum, then click ‘Save‘.

15. Click ‘Continue‘ to complete your purchase; you will be presented with a link to your invoice.

Congratulations, you have successfully registered a non-member to an event!

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