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How to Manage Membership Renewal Settings

Managing membership renewals is simple with Member365. Offering the ability to create different renewal processes for different membership categories, your first step is to:

1. From your administrator dashboard, click ‘Membership’ in the top toolbar.

2. In the ‘Membership Categories’ section, click ‘Manage’

3. From the list, or via the search bar, click the membership category you would like to manage approval processes for.

Manage Renewal Settings

4. From the Membership Category Settings screen, click the ‘Renewals’ tab.

5. Step 4 will offer a range of fields allowing you to adjust renewal settings. Configure them as needed.

Renewal Description: This field offers you the ability to customize the content your members see when renewing their membership.

Grace Period: If your members do not renew on time, you can set how many days your members have to renew their membership before it expires and they must reapply for membership. Your members will still have membership privileges during the grace period.

Allow Automated Recurring Billing: If you have integrated a credit card processor with Member365, you’ll be offered the option to enable Automated Recurring Billing (ARB).

Anniversary Renewal Date Occurence: This setting will allow you to set your Members anniversary date to the date that they originally were approved as a member, or to the date they renewed their membership.

Missed Renewal Fees Due on Next Renewal: If your member did not renew their membership last year, but would like to do so now, this option allows them to pay for this year, and all those missed.

(Optional) Force Renewal on Login


The user will be forced to renew their membership only after they have passed their grace period. If they are within their grace period the user will still be able to login to their member portal.

When a members membership has lapsed, you can configure Member365 to force renewal upon login to your member portal. To do so:

1. Click the  ‘Configuration‘ tab in the ‘Manage Membership Category’ screen, followed by ‘Rules‘.

2. Scroll to ‘Force Renewals on Login?’, and set it to On (green).

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