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How to email event certificates to attendees

Certificates in Member365 can be accessed through the Member Portal.

You can also email Event Certificates to registrants directly when you mark them off as attended, so that they don’t need to go through their Member Portals to find them! Continue reading to learn how.

Configuring Event Certificates to send to Attendees

If you are unfamiliar with Event Certificates, consult this Knowledge Base article to get started with Certificates in Member365, and consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how to attach a Certificate to an Event.

1. We will start under the ‘Registration’ tab of your Event. To learn more about this tab please consult this Knowledge Base article if necessary.

2. Scroll down to the ‘Certificates’ section. Toggle ON the option for ‘Email certificate when guest is marked as attended?’ 

Image showing the Certificates section of an Event Registration setup, with the toggle for 'Email certificate when guest is marked as attended?' enabled.

3. Click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Email Template’ to customize the wording of the email that will contain the certificate link.

Image indicating the 'Manage' button next to 'Email Template' under the Certificates section.

Do not remove the ‘{link}’ line in the Email Template as that is what will contain the Event Certificate itself.

4. Use the drop-down menu to specify which of your Event Certificates you wish to send for this Event.

Image indicating the 'Event Certificate(s)' drop-down menu.


Event Certificates cannot be emailed automatically. You can only configure them to send when a registrant has been marked off as attended.

As such, the ‘Attended By Default’ tab under the ‘Attendance’ section must be turned off. If ‘Attended By Default’ is on, then you cannot email the Event Certificates.

Image indicating that the 'Attended by Default' toggle is OFF.

Marking Registrants as Attended

Event Certificates will only send to registrants when you mark them as ‘Attended’ manually in the Event Report.

In other words, to email an Event Certificate directly after setting up the configuration in the above sub-header, you must go into the Event Reports and change the status to ‘Attended’ for any registrant you wish to send the Event Certificate to!

This Knowledge Base article will show you how to mark an Event Registrant as attended, and in turn how to send the Event Certificate!

Congratulations, you now know how to email Event Certificates directly to registrants by marking them as attended!

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