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How to disable the Member Portal

Currently, there is no way to toggle off the Member Portal in Member365.

You can, however, edit your settings to ensure that some – or all – members are not sent login details. A member without login details cannot access the Member Portal: it is effectively disabled for them.

Disable Membership Category Login Details

Every Membership Category has its series of email templates that send automatically throughout the application, renewal, and approval process. A quick summary of the email templates available can be found here.

The email template that grants portal access is called the ‘Welcome Email‘. Steps to access your Membership Category’s Welcome Email will follow.

Finding the Welcome Email

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Membership’ at the top of the page.

Image indicating the 'Membership' button from the bar at the top of the Administrator Dashboard.

2. Click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Membership Categories’ on the page that follows.

Image indicating the 'Manage' button next to 'Membership Categories'

3. Locate the Membership Category whose Welcome Email you wish to edit, then click its name.

Image showing the search bar used to look up 'Silver Membership' from the list of Membership Categories.

4. From the list of tabs, click ‘Communication’, then click the ‘Launch Emails’ sub-tab.

Image indicating the 'Launch Emails' sub-tab under the 'Communication' sub-tab when editing a Membership Category.

Disabling the Welcome Email

5. Click ‘Welcome Email’ from the list of templates.

Image indicating the 'Welcome Email' template from the list under 'Launch Emails'.

6. Either toggle OFF the ‘Enable Email’ option to prevent this email from being sent – note that the default email will be sent in its place.  See further below for more information about the default email.  In either email, edit its contents and remove all references to the Member Portal, Usernames, and Passwords. Click ‘Save’.

Image showing the edit screen for the Welcome Email template. 'Enable Email' is toggled OFF, the 'Save' button is indicated, and we see the text to be deleted that references the Member Portal, and a Username/Password combination.

7. Repeat Step 6 for all templates under this Launch Emails sub-tab to be thorough. For an explanation of what each template does, continue reading here.

Image showing the other two templates under 'Launch Emails': 'Launch Email', and 'Employee Welcome Email with Member Portal Access'.


When the Welcome Email specific to a Membership Category is disabled, the System Default will send in its place. Continue reading through the next header to locate and edit that template as well.

Remember to always click ‘Publish’ when you edit a Membership Category, to confirm all changes that you have made.

Disable System Default Login Details

Once you disable the ‘Welcome Email’ within a Membership Category, the System Default will just take its place. As such, you also need to locate and edit the System Default Welcome Email to ensure that no login details are sent to your members!

8. Click ‘Options’ at the top of the screen, then click ‘Configuration’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

Image showing 'Options' -> 'Configuration' from the administrator dashboard.

9. Scroll through the list of configuration options, and click ‘Setup’ for ‘System Emails’.

Image showing the System Emails configuration box, and indicating the 'Setup' button.

10. Locate and click on ‘Welcome Email’ from the list of templates.

Entered 'Email' into the search bar and we are indicating 'Welcome Email' from the list of System Templates.

11. Delete all references to the Member Portal, Usernames, and Passwords, then click ‘Save’.

Image indicating the references to be deleted to the Member Portal, Username, and Password within the Welcome Email template. The Save button is also indicated.

12. Repeat Step 11 for ‘Employee Welcome Email With Member Portal Access’ and ‘Launch Email’ to be thorough.


The System Defaults only send when the Welcome Email in a Membership Category is disabled.

As such, even if you edit your System Defaults, you still need to go into each Membership Category and disable its Welcome Email if you don’t want its members to have portal access!

Congratulations, you now know how to prevent your members from receiving login details to the Member Portal!

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