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How to Determine or Change an Organization’s Primary Contact

The Primary Contact of an organization’s Group Membership is responsible for payments, email correspondence, and renewals on behalf of the group. Read this article to learn how to check or change an organization’s Primary Contact.

Accessing the Organization Record

1. From the Member365 Administrator dashboard, click ‘Contacts’ at the top of the page.

Image of the 'Contacts' button at the top of the page.

2. Click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Organizations’.

Image indicating the 'Manage' button next to 'Organizations'.

3. Find the Organization whose Primary Contact you wish to edit, then click its name.

Image showing a list of Organizations. Click the name of the Organization you want to edit.

Checking the Primary Contact

4. Click ‘Related Contacts’ on the left of the page.

Image showing the 'Related Contacts' link on the left of an Organization Record.

5. The organization’s Primary Contact will be denoted by the green check mark symbol.

Image of the 'Related Contacts' page. The Primary Contact has a green check mark beside their name.

Changing the Primary Contact

If a contact is not showing up who should be, check their Contact Record. Consult this Knowledge Base article and ensure that their Organization Name is spelled correctly.

6. Click the circle next to a contact’s name to assign them group ownership. They will be the organization’s new Primary Contact.

Image of the 'Related Contacts' screen after clicking the circle next to another name to re-assign ownership.

A Group Membership should only have one Primary Contact. Any other member in the group should be added as an Employee Account.

Your members, or even your other administrators may sometimes misunderstand how Group Memberships work. It is always good practice to double check the Contact Records on the Related Contacts list. Check the related contacts who are not the Primary Contact. If they have a membership associated to the Organization that is not an Employee Account, then you should archive that extraneous membership to avoid future complications.

Creating an Employee Account for the old Primary Contact

The old Primary Contact may still wish to be part of the Group Membership. To keep the old Primary Contact on board, you will need to add them as an Employee Account under the organization’s new Primary Contact.

This can be skipped if the old Primary Contact is no longer with the organization.

Deleting the Employee Account of the new Primary Contact

If the new Primary Contact had an Employee Account already, they will show up in the reporting twice. Nothing else will be impacted, so the following steps are optional.

7. From the Organizational Record in Steps 4 through 6, click ‘Employee Accounts’ on the left of the page.

Image indicating the 'Employee Accounts' link on the Organization Record.

8. If your new Primary Contact had an Employee Account, find them in the list. Click the trash icon next to their name.

Image showing the 'Employee Accounts' list and indicating the trash icon next to a contact's name.

9. Click ‘Confirm’ on the box that pops up to delete the unnecessary Employee Account.

Image of the confirmation box that appears when deleting an Employee Account. Click 'Confirm' to delete the Employee Account.


Congratulations, you can now check and re-assign the Primary Contact of an Organizational Group Membership!

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