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How to Create an LMS Assignment: Quiz/Test

This article will guide you through creating an LMS course assignment consisting of a quiz or test. Note that this process requires you to have already created one via the Form module.

Accessing Course Configuration

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Modules‘, then hover over ‘Learning Management (LMS)‘ and then click ‘Course Management‘.

3. Click on the name of the course to which you would like to add an assignment.

Adding an Assignment

4. Click the ‘Assignments‘ tab.

5. Click ‘Add Assignment‘.

6.¬†Click on the tab marked ‘Quiz/Test‘. A smaller window featuring a disclaimer will appear; this disclaimer will warn you that any work you have done in this tab will be lost when you switch tabs; click ‘Continue‘ to switch tabs.

7. In this new tab, enter a name for your assignment and select a video category from the drop-down menu.

8. The window will be updated with a list of all videos in that video category. Click to fill in the bubble next to the one you would like to add to this assignment.

9. If you would like to add a message that users will see upon completion of this assignment, switch the ‘Show Completion Message‘ toggle to green.

10. Click ‘Save‘.

11. Scroll down and click ‘Update‘ to save your work.

Congratulations, you have added a quiz or test to your LMS course!

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