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How to Create a Workspace

This article will describe how to create a workspace.

Creating a Workspace

1. Login to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. Delete everything after “.com” in your browser’s address bar. A new URL will appear: http://yourdomain.member365.com/sharingnetwork

3. Click “Administration” in the top-right corner.


4. Click “Create Workspace”.

You will reach an interface that looks like this:

5. Enter a name for the workspace in the box next to “Workspace Name”.

6. Optional step:¬†Click “Assign Category” to bring up a new dialogue box. Clicking “Add Top Level Category” will allow you to enter a name for a new category, and if any categories already exist, they will appear as well, and you will have the option to add a sub-category by clicking the corresponding button. Click “Assign” next to the desired category or sub-category to assign this workspace to that category.

Additional Workspace Settings

7. Below the section pictured in the second image of step 4, you will see the rest of your options. The first section consists of settings that can be toggled for the workspace.

Auto-Bookmark for all Members?

If selected, the workspace will be displayed on the member portal for all members.

Enable Discussion

Enable to allow discussion in the workspace between members.

Enable File Library

Enable to allow files to be uploaded to this workspace. Upload permissions for groups or individuals can be managed in later steps.

Enable Events

If selected, you can make an event available only to members in this workspace.

Enable Directory

If enabled, causes the workspace to be visible in the directory.

Force Notification

If enabled, notifications will be sent to everyone in the workspace when something is posted, changed, uploaded, etc.

8. Click “Access Assignment” to decide which groups have permission to view the workspace, edit its description, upload files, or post discussions. You will be given the opportunity to assign permissions to specific members in a later step, and are not required to assign any permissions to progress.

For instance, if you wish to allow members of a specific organization to access the workspace, click “By Organization Name” and select that organization from the drop-down list, click the permissions you wish to grant them, then click “Add”. If you wish to grant permissions to all members or to all non-members, click “By Organization Group”, select that group from the drop-down menu, select the permissions you wish to grant, then click “Add”. These selections can also be applied, by using the last three respective tabs, to contacts in a specific membership or subscription category, to attendees of a specific event, or to specific contact demographics.

Clicking “Add” when no permissions have been enabled (in the image above, none have been enabled) will add the group listed in the drop-down box in the role of “Observer”, able to view but not interact with the group. Selecting “Edit Descriptions” will allow the chosen group to edit the workspace description, enabling “Upload Files” will allow the chosen group to upload files to the workspace, and enabling “Post Discussions” will allow the chosen group to post discussion topics or comments to the workspace.

9. Further down the page, under the Access Assignment options, you will see options to add categories and subcategories into which files can be uploaded by those granted the second permission in step 8. Clicking “Add File Category” will cause a prompt to appear; enter the name of a category in the text box and click “Add”. You may then click “Add File SubCategory” to add subcategories within those categories, which will bring up a dialogue box that looks like the following image:

If you were successful in adding a file category, the name you entered will appear when you click the dropdown box that reads “Select Parent Category”, and the name you enter in the box above that one will become a new subcategory when you click “Add”.

10. Once you are satisfied with the settings you have chosen on this page, click the green button “Continue to Step 2 – Assign Access”. This will bring you to a list of your contacts, and you will be able to assign the permissions described in step 8 on an individual basis. Access must first be granted to the individual by checking the box under “Assign Access”, and you will then be able to grant permission to edit the description, upload files and/or participate in discussions. These changes will take effect immediately upon checking or un-checking the corresponding boxes.

Accessing Workspaces

11. Your new workspace can be accessed by clicking the new button “Workspaces” on the bar under your logo.

You will be brought to a page listing all of your workspaces; in the example below, at least one workspace exists under the category “Sample Category”, and two workspaces without categories are listed below that. Clicking the indicated arrow will expand a category to display all workspaces in that category and any subcategories within it.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a workspace!


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