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How to Create a Test

This article will guide you through creating a test: a form that is graded by comparing the user’s success to a percentage threshold and assigning a pass/fail grade. This feature allows you to create a test that is accessible through the Member Portal, though access to the form can be limited to any subset of members that you deem appropriate.

Beginning Form Creation

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Modules‘, then hover over ‘Forms‘ and click ‘Create‘ in the newest drop-down menu.

3. In the section marked ‘Test’, click ‘Create‘.

The first section of the form creation menu that appears is the first of several tabs; we’ll break down the options available in each one in the sections below.

Tab One: Setup

Basic Settings

4. Give the form a name, and choose a category for it. Then select whether you’d like the questions in this form to be displayed all at once or one section at a time, with each section beginning and ending at points of your choice.

Grade & Results

5. Enter a number into the ‘Passing Percentage‘ field to set a minimum percent threshold for passing this test.

Resubmission, Time Limit, Form Locking and Admin Notification

6. Set the ‘Allow retest‘ toggle to green to allow a user to submit this test again after submitting it for the first time. Enabling ‘Time Limit‘ will cause a new text field to appear; entering a number in that text field will prevent a user from spending more than that number of minutes on the test.

The ‘Lock form‘ toggle will, when turned green, prevent administrators from deleting this form. The email address you enter in ‘Admin Email Notification‘ will be sent a notification when users submit this form.

7. Proceed to the next tab by clicking ‘Messages‘ at the top.

Tab Two: Messages


8. Use the rich text editor here to write a message that will be presented to the user as instructions presented ahead of the form.

Submit Message

9. Click ‘Submit Message‘ and use the rich text editor there to write a message that will be presented to the user once they have submitted the form.

10. Click the third tab, ‘Questions & Answers‘.

Tab Three: Questions & Answers

The Form Question Editor

11. In this tab, the ‘Launch Form Question Editor‘ button will launch a different interface, one that allows you to create your form’s questions and arrange them on the page. See our Knowledge Base article on using the Form Question Editor for guidance on using it, and then return to this article to explore the rest of your options in creating this form.

12. After clicking ‘Save‘ in the Form Question Editor, you will be returned to this interface. Click the ‘Access‘ tab to continue.

Tab Four: Access

Category Selection

13. Clicking any of the first three sub-tabs — ‘Members‘, ‘Organization Categories‘, or ‘Contact Demographics‘ — will bring up a corresponding list of categories; filling in the checkbox next to any entry in this list will give access to that membership category, organization category, or contact demographic.

Contact Selection

14. Click the fourth sub-tab, ‘Contacts‘, to access a tool that will allow you to add individual contacts. Enter their name or email address in the bar indicated, and click their name when it appears.

15. The next sub-tab allows you to grant access to a list created in Listbuilder.

16. Once you have assigned access to all the users you intend to, click the ‘Alerts & Reminders‘ tab to continue.

Tab Five: Alerts & Reminders


17. Under the first sub-tab, ‘Alerts‘, turning the toggle switch to green will reveal the text editor seen below; turning this toggle switch green and entering a message will cause it to be shown on the portal dashboard for anyone with access to this form.

The next toggle works much the same way: toggling it on will cause a new text editor to appear, and composing an email here will cause it to be sent out as an invitation to all contacts who can access it.

Submission Email

18. Click the ‘Submission Email‘ sub-tab to create the message that will be sent to the user acknowledging their submission.

Email Reminders

19. Click the ‘Email Reminders‘ sub-tab and then click ‘Add Reminder‘ to create a reminder that will be sent out to a user who has subscribed to the form but has not submitted it.

20. Use the first box to enter the number of days after subscription that this email will be sent, and then use the next two fields to compose the email. Click ‘Add‘ when you are satisfied.

21. If you wish to add credits for this form, click the last tab, ‘Credits‘, or skip to step 23.

Tab Six: Credits

22. To award a certain number of credits for submitting this form, turn the toggle switch green and enter that value in the text field.

23. Click ‘Publish‘.

Congratulations, you have created a test!



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