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How to Change the Membership Grace Period for all Members

This article will describe how to change the grace period that occurs after a membership expires. After the grace period passes, a membership will expire and the member will have to apply for membership again.

Important Note #1

This will change the grace period for everyone enrolled in the membership category you are about to make changes to.  If you would like to extend the grace period for only one member, please follow the directions in this knowledge base article.

Important Note #2

If the member has been archived, the updated grace period will not be granted to them.  If this is required, you must first remove the member(s) from the archive and then change the grace period..

Selecting the Membership Type

1. Login to the Member365 admin dashboard.

2. From the bar at the top of the dashboard, click on “Membership”.

3. In the section labelled “Membership Categories”, click “Manage”.

4. Click the name of the membership category to which you would like to add a grace period.

Editing the Grace Period

5. Click the “Renewals” tab.

6. Find the text box labelled “Grace period” and enter the desired number of days.

7. Click “Publish” at the bottom right to save your work.

Congratulations, you have changed this membership type’s grace period!

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