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Configuring Membership Renewal Reminders in Member365

Before getting started, remember that nothing you change will be saved unless you click the ‘Publish’ button on the bottom of the screen. The ‘Confirming your Changes’ sub-header will show a screenshot of this button.

You can customize and schedule Renewal Reminder emails to be sent to your members as an Administrator in Member365.

Do you want to send a specific message to all members 30 days before their renewal date? Do you want to edit the content of an existing Renewal Reminder, or schedule its delivery for a different date? Continue reading to learn more!

Accessing the Membership Category

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Membership’ on the bar at the top of the page.

2. Click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Membership Categories’ on the page that follows.

3. Locate the Membership Category whose Renewal Reminders you wish to edit, using the search bar if necessary, then click its name.

Configuring your Renewal Reminders

The Renewal Reminders for a Membership Category are managed under its ‘Communication’ tab.

This article will cover everything you need to know about configuring Renewal Reminders, but continue reading here if you would like to learn more about the Communication tab as a whole.

Accessing the Renewal Reminders Management Page

4. From the list of tabs, click the one labeled ‘Communication’. 

6. Of the sub-tabs that appears, click ‘Reminders’ to access your Renewal Reminders.

Image showing the Communication tab when editing a Membership Category, and indicating the 'Reminders' sub-tab.

Adding a new Renewal Reminder

To add a new Renewal Reminder, click the button labeled ‘Add Renewal Reminder’. 

Image showing the '+Add Renewal Reminder' button seen when managing the Renewal Reminders for your Membership Category.

A window will appear in which you can configure your new Renewal Reminder!

Image showing the window that appears when adding a new Renewal Reminder. There are fields to schedule the delivery date on a specific day before/after the renewal, a field to edit the title, and a field to edit the content.

You can specify this Renewal Reminder to deliver a certain number of days before or after the Membership Category’s renewal date. The content and title are also fields you can edit. Click ‘+ Add’ to confirm and add the Renewal Reminder.

Editing an Existing Renewal Reminder

All of the Renewal Reminder emails for the Membership Category are listed when viewing the ‘Renewals’ tab. Click the name of one to edit its content, title, or delivery date.

Image showing the a list of Renewal Reminder emails, indicating that you can click the name of one to edit it.

A window will appear in which you can schedule the Renewal Reminder for a specific date, and in which you can specify its subject line or content.

Image showing the window seen when editing a Renewal Reminder. The fields to be edited are the date for sending, the subject line, and the content.

Remember to click ‘+ Add’ on the bottom of the window to confirm your changes.

Cancelling a Renewal Reminder

If you don’t want a Renewal Reminder to send, you can either disable it or delete the reminder completely.

Use the toggle under the ‘Status’ column to disable a Renewal Reminder. A Renewal Reminder toggled off will not send.

Image showing a Renewal Reminder with its 'Status' toggled off to red.

Alternatively, you can delete the Renewal Reminder completely. Click the trash icon under the ‘Manage’ column to delete a Renewal Reminder.

Image indicating the trash icon next to a Renewal Reminder, that you can click to delete the reminder.

As a best practice, it is always safer to disable a Reminder than it is to delete a Reminder, in case you ever with to restore it.

Re-Ordering Renewal Reminders

It’s easiest to schedule your Renewal Reminders to deliver on a specific date by following the steps under the ‘Editing an Existing Renewal Reminder’ sub-header.

With that said, you can also quickly re-order your renewal reminders by using the arrow icons under the ‘Manage’ tab.

Image showing the Renewal Reminders list, indicating the 'Manage' column and the arrow icons you can use to re-order your Renewal Reminders.

Confirming your Changes

To confirm everything you have been configuring through this article, and to save all of your Renewal Reminders, remember to scroll down and click ‘Publish’.

Image indicating the 'Publish' button at the bottom of the Renewal Reminders list.


Congratulations, you now know how to create, manage, and edit Renewal Reminders for your Membership Categories!

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