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How do Contacts Renew their Membership?

This article will cover the three ways a Contact can renew their Membership in Member365!

Method 1: Renewal Reminders

The easiest and most common way to facilitate renewals is through Renewal Reminders!

A Renewal Reminder is an automated email that sends to Members on predetermined days before or after their Renewal Date.

Image of a Renewal Reminder that's set to send five days before the Renewal Date of a Membership Category.

Each Renewal Reminder has a Renewal Link that is unique to the Member in question. When your Contact clicks on that Renewal Link, they are taken to a page to renew their Membership!

Image showing a sample Renewal Reminder email, indicating the 'Click Here' link to initiate the renewal process.

All Memberships except for Lifetime Memberships can be configured to send Renewal Reminders to Members, This Knowledge Base article goes into more detail about Renewal Reminders, and how they can be customized.

Method 2: Through the Member Portal

If your Members have Portal Access, they can renew their Memberships through the Member Portal.

Configuring Renewals as an Administrator

As an Administrator, you will specify how long before the Renewal Date Members are allowed to renew through the Member Portal. Change the ‘Show badge’ field accordingly in the Membership Category’s ‘Configuration’ tab.

Image showing a value of 30 for the 'Show badge' field under the Renewals sub-tab of the Configuration tab in a Membership Category setup.

In the Category depicted by this screenshot, Members can start renewing from the Member Portal 30 days before the Renewal Date.

How a Member Renews through their Portal

When a Membership is eligible to be renewed, Contacts will see a button to renew upon accessing their dashboard. They can also click through the ‘My Account’ -> ‘Membership’ drop-down menu to view a full list of any Membership they’re enrolled into.

Image showing the 'My Account' -> 'Membership' dropdown menus from the Member Portal.

If a Membership Category is eligible for renewal, Contacts can click the ‘Renew Now’ button beside its name to initiate the process.

Image showing a Membership Category listing from the Member Portal, with a 'Renew Now' button.

If there is no ‘Renew Now’ button, check your Membership Category settings and the value you specified for the ‘Show badge’ field in the sub-header above.

Method 3: When logging into the Portal

If a Membership is Lapsed and the Grace Period has passed, the Membership will no longer grant Portal Access to the Contact and they will be forced to renew before they can get access.

To enable this, as an Administrator, toggle ON the option for ‘Force renewal on login?’ in your Membership Category settings to force Lapsed Members to renew when they try accessing their portal.

Image indicating the 'Force Renewal on Login' toggle for a Membership Category setup.

With that toggle enabled, Lapsed Members can initiate their Membership Renewals simply by logging into the Member Portal!

Congratulations, you now know how Contacts can renew their Memberships in Member365!

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