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Getting Started: Organizational Profile Information

When getting started with Member365, there are a few key settings relating to your organization and its contact details that you’ll want to make sure to have in place. We’ve created and compiled a set of guides that will walk you through these important tasks!

Contact Information

Adding your organization’s contact information is essential, as this information will appear in your emails and invoices.

How to Enter Your Organization’s Basic Profile Information

Social Media

To add your organization’s social media pages, follow this guide:

How to Add Your Organization’s Social Media Links

System Emails

To edit the email addresses and senders that appear on system-generated emails, follow these instructions:

How to Edit Your System Email Addresses

To add or change the logo that appears on your system-generated emails, use this guide; note that the logo displayed in the Member Portal will not be affected by this process:

How to Update Your Organization’s Logo

Google Analytics

To set up Google Analytics tracking, follow the instructions in this guide:

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code

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