Getting Started: Fundraising

Enabling and setting up your Fundraising module doesn’t require much. By consulting the articles linked below, you can have your first campaign configured, running, and live on your website in under an hour!

The following sub-headers serve as a reference to get started with the Fundraising module. There are many more features that extend beyond this article; consult the Fundraising section in our Knowledge Base for a comprehensive list.

Before your first Fundraiser can go live, you’ll need to:

Ensure Your Fundraiser Module is Enabled

Every instance of Member365 supports Fundraisers, but yours might not have it activated! This is the first step is an easy one, so check out our guide on how to enable it for your Member365.

Learn how to activate the Fundraiser module here.

Make a Basic Fundraiser

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make a fundraiser in minutes using Member365. Step through setting donation goals, configuring payment processing, and everything else you need to make your first fundraiser!

You can find the guide to making a basic fundraiser here.

Learn to Promote Your Campaign

Once you’ve learned to create a fundraising campaign, this guide will show you the tools Member365 offers to promote it. Learn how to access your public link to start channeling audiences to your fundraiser from email, social media, and more.

Learn how to share your fundraiser here.

Understand Fundraiser Analytics

With your campaign set up and audiences now able to engage with it, the next step is to learn how to track fundraiser activity. Knowing how to access and read your fundraiser analytics will allow you to better understand donor behavior, helping you take advantage of opportunities to drive its success.

Learn about fundraiser analytics here.

Post a Fundraiser Update

After users have engaged with your fundraiser and you’ve made progress towards your goals, Member365’s fundraiser update can be a powerful tool to maintain the momentum of your campaign. Posting updates strategically keeps your campaign at the top of your audience’s mind, keeping engagement high.

Learn how to post a fundraiser update here.

Learn to Edit Your Campaign

Errors happen. Sometimes changes need to be made. When they do, it’s important you understand how to edit your campaigns. This guide will show you how.

Learn how to edit your campaigns here.

Configure your Donation Receipts

You can customise the receipts that your donors will receive upon contributing to your fundraiser. The receipt template you configure will affect all donation campaigns on your system.

Learn how to configure your donation receipts here.

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