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Email Signup Forms With Member365

Whether you’re looking to integrate your website’s email sign-up form with Member365 – or build one from scratch – Member365 makes it easy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log into your Member365 administrator dashboard

2. Click ‘Email Campaigns‘ in the main toolbar, near the top of the page.


3. Navigate to ‘Sign-up Forms’, and click the green ‘Create‘ button.


Creating Your Signup Form

4. Begin by naming your sign-up form. Be sure to name it something related to how you intend to use the information it generates, like ‘Newsletter’ or ‘Prospect Form’.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The name of the sign-up form will be viewable on the subscription page to your contacts.


5. Next, determine what information you would like to collect on the sign-up form by toggling the options you want to ‘Yes‘ in the middle column ‘Display on Sign-up Form‘. If you want any of the information to be mandatory on the sign-up form toggle them  to ‘Yes‘  in the third column ‘Is this Field Mandatory?’

6.  Optional: If you have been using email automation software before Member365 and already have a form with subscribers, you can import those addresses to Member365. Simply copy and paste their addresses into the following field:

Take care to properly mark these addresses as having provided consent to be emailed!


7. Click ‘Create Sign-Up Form’.


Integrate and Monitor Your Sign-Up Form

8. Take the provided code, and integrate it into your website! You can do this manually, or by providing the code to your website administrator.


Here is an example of how it will look can look on your website.


9. To monitor the status of your form and to see how many people are signing up to receive your email updates, access it at any time from the email campaigns dashboard by clicking ‘Manage’ under ‘Sign Up Forms’.

10. From the form management screen, click your desired form to check its status, including all the addresses it has captured!  You can see the number of subscribers and get a detailed list of everyone who is on it.

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